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Photo: Joel Wåreus

Photo: Joel Wåreus


My road to pottery has been long and winding

In my late teens I had the privilege to assist my aunt Hertha Hillfon, one of Swedens most important ceramists and scupltors. The modest pay was compensated by the tasks I had to perform. Most of the time I spent laying at a podium eating strawberries and grapes while she was sculptoring my foot. This was about 1970 and there were lots of other things that called for attention. I wanted to change the world and there was little time for throwing pots.

Ten years later I bought a kickwheel and put it in the livingroom. Since then It has been turning. I like making tableware. Things we need to serve the food and eat it. Plates, bowls of various sorts, jugs, teapots , cups, boxes , salt‐cellars etc. I want my things to be plain and natural. If the bowl is beautiful and functional it is good.

Today I sell my pottery in a number of shops in Sweden, Norway, England and Japan. During the last couple of years I have also delivered to a number of fancy restaurants like Mistral ( one star in Guide Michelin) and Restaurant Frantzén (two stars), Fredsgatan 12, Volt and chefs like Melker Andersson and Daniel Rähms who presented his food on my plates when he won The chef of the year‐ 2013.

You are welcome to visit my studio, but it is wise to give me a call to check if I am there. If you can´t pay a visit to my studio you are also welcome to order my things through my webshop or by mail. If you want to learn how to throw or at least try it you are welcome to my courses. There you will meet student with different backgrounds and capacity when it comes to pottery.

The road forwards leads backwards. My plan for the years to come includes building a woodfired kiln and learning how to fire it using old glazes like celadon, chün and oxblood.

I hope this will reflect on my website.

/Calle Forsberg



If you have any questions or if you want to order please call me +46 733 30 90 65 or send an e-mail to info@calleforsberg.com

Cources in throwing

These courses are for beginners as well as more experieced throwers and are held in my studio. The tuition is individual. I guess you understand enough Swedish to find out about dates and prices at the Swedish version of my website (kurser).

Give me a call and I will explain more
+46 733 30 90 65
/Calle Forsberg